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Clothes as a way of communicating

Balsan designs and manufactures sized or made-to-measure corporate clothing (also called identity clothing or image clothing). Its technical know-how and expertise lie in its capacity to create garments that meet specifications ranging from the simplest to the most complex.

Photo d'une hôtesse d'accueil en uniforme corporate confectionné par Balsan

Valuing the person behind the clothes

Corporate clothing is a major communication tool. Internally, it helps to maintain employees’ feeling of belonging to their company and makes them feel valued, providing comfort, practicality and elegance day by day. Externally, image clothing is a powerful identity tool for the company, enabling it to stand out and present a modern, up to date image.

In its choice of materials, cuts and colours, Balsan’s expertise lies in knowing how to create clothes that are both hardwearing and fashionable.

Balsan's expertise
Photo d'une hôtesse d'accueil en uniforme corporate confectionné par Balsan

Clothes for all sectors

A supplier of corporate uniforms to major public and private companies since 1924, Balsan understands how to identify the problems inherent to the customer’s activity and adapt its expertise to their needs.

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Pack uniforme corporate : veste, gants, sac, chemise, pantalon, pull, polo réalisés par Balsan

Our sectors of expertise

With over a hundred years of expertise, Balsan has expanded its field of knowledge over time. It now works in eight key sectors in the corporate clothing market.

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