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Prestigious uniforms for parades

14 July in Paris. The sun is rising over the Champs-Élysées.
The soldiers from the different branches of the Armed Forces adjust their parade uniforms: Balsan's fashion week is about to start!

Photo d'un soldat en uniforme de prestige réalisé par Balsan

The quintessence of image clothing

Clothes for important, prestigious ceremonies are the quintessence of image clothing. Full of meaning and history, they are the emblem and costume of a State institution, a Grande École (specialist university) or a prestigious company. They reinforce the feeling of pride in those who wear them and help to convey a unique image.
Since 1850, Balsan has been making prestigious uniforms for major institutions in France and worldwide. The same level of quality is now utilised for private companies in the luxury goods or airline sectors, and others.

Balsan's expertise
Photo d'un soldat en uniforme de prestige réalisé par Balsan

Clothes for all sectors

A specialist in clothing manufacture and a supplier to the French army since 1850, Balsan possesses unique expertise in the design and manufacture of prestigious uniforms.

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Pack uniforme de prestige : casquette, gants, veste, pantalon, accessoires, bottes confectionnés par Balsan

Our sectors of expertise

As a supplier of prestigious uniforms to major institutions in France and worldwide since 1850, Balsan has expanded its business to serve Grandes Écoles and private companies, to represent their image and prestige.

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