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Intervention equipment

Balsan designs and manufactures workwear uniforms for the armed forces (for example special forces combat gear) and all public and private forces whose mission is to ensure the security of people, buildings and infrastructures (national and municipal police, firefighters, private security companies, etc.).

Photo d'uniforme d'intervention réalisé par Balsan

Supporting the defence and security forces

Made from high-performance materials, the equipment is developed according to the technical requirements of each job and usage. Materials, patterns, manufacturing methods and colours are all harnessed to support human intervention in critical environments, with the focus on ergonomics, comfort and optimum protection.

Balsan's expertise
Photo d'uniforme d'intervention réalisé par Balsan

Equipment for all types of intervention

Many types of products can be developed to meet different situations: bulletproof vests, tear-resistant sleeves, coveralls, trousers, over-trousers, parkas, anoraks, shoulder pads, gaiters, etc.

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Pack uniforme d'intervention : gilet par balles, genouillères, blouson, rangers, sac à dos et casque

Our sectors of expertise

A supplier of workwear uniforms for the security and defence sectors, Balsan also offers its expertise to public institutions and private companies.

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