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Balsan offers a wide range of made-to-measure services meeting all its customer's needs, up to and including the full outsourcing of the clothing function.

Maquettes de l'extranet Balsan

Extranet portal

Balsan has a dedicated, private-access Extranet site. The site offers a general, centralised overview of the clothing function. It is modular and may be configured to the requirements and professional specifications of each client.
It is possible to provide access either to contract administrators only, or to all staff by creating individual accounts.

Presentation of the itemised collection

Visualisation of the products via an e-commerce interface

Order process

  • Placing of orders individually, or by the administrator
  • A points credit system can be used

Order follow-up / After-sales

  • Status of orders / monitoring deliveries
  • Submission and monitoring of After-sales requests

Contract administration

  • Rights management
  • Real-time access to statistical data and indicators
Maquettes de l'extranet Balsan
Balsan's Extranet makes our everyday job easier
Camille, Regional Director of a perfume brand
Photo de l'extranet Balsan
Photo du bureau de style de Balsan

Style and design

Balsan has an in-house Styling Studio with experienced product managers and stylists.

The Styling Studio's mission

It provides a solution perfectly suited to each customer’s requirements in terms of image, ergonomics and functionality, whether for corporate clothing, uniforms or standardised Personal Protective clothing.

Collaboration with the Design Studio

The Styling Studio works closely with the Design Studio, which is responsible for incorporating the specific technical, ergonomic and comfort features.

Photo du bureau de style de Balsan
Balsan's stylists convinced us immediately.
Julia, Project Manager for a holiday club.
Photo de la découpe chez Balsan
Photo de la prise de mesure chez Balsan

Taking measurements

Everyone has unique body measurements and statistics. Taking the right measurements is an essential stage which affects user satisfaction and the project’s success.

Taking body measurements

This involves made-to-measure items, especially ceremonial uniforms (the Republican Guard, Coëtquidan, etc.). It is also useful to take measurements for people whose body size does not come within the standard manufacturing tables.

Taking measurements for collections

This involves ready-to-wear, mass-produced clothes (workwear, protective clothing, corporate uniforms, etc.). Balsan has its own measurement department, a team of professionals who travel throughout France and worldwide.

Photo de la prise de mesure chez Balsan
Balsan's efficiency was remarkable.
Paul, Purchasing Director for a telecoms operator
Photo de la découpe des uniformes chez Balsan
Photo de machine à couture programmée par le département Recherche & Développement

Research & Development, Innovation

The Research & Development department is made up of a team of engineers and technicians who are highly specialised in their respective fields. They are constantly exploring new innovations in order to meet the technical demands of the present and the future.

R&D Synergy and the Design Studio

The fruitful synergy between R&D and the Design Studio means we can develop products that are rigorously adapted to the needs of each customer and explore new avenues (materials, technologies, manufacturing methods) in order to offer increasingly innovative product solutions in the future.

Photo de machine à couture programmée par le département Recherche & Développement
The garment did not exist, Balsan invented it for us...
Jean-Marc, Marketing Director in the energy sector
Photo du bureau d'étude
Photo du service de vente


Customer service is an important element of long-term customer support. Beyond the design, production and distribution of outfits, Balsan, as part of Groupe Marck, guarantees tailor-made support and after-sales service.

Technical and human resources

  • Personalised advice and assistance
  • Telephone hotline
  • Scorecard and performance indicators
  • Traceability from receipt of orders up to delivery
  • Assistance in using the dedicated web portal
  • Personalised follow-up throughout the contract

In-Service Support (ISS) Unit

With a wealth of experience in the design and production of personal protection equipment, the Group is one of the few firms to offer an internal In-Service Support (ISS) service.

Photo du service de vente
We always get a reply to our questions.
Frédéric, Supply Chain Manager in the aeronautics sector
Photo d'uniformes créés par Balsan
Photo de formations réalisés par Balsan

Training courses, the keys to success

Balsan and Groupe Marck have a team of trainers specialised in the field of personal protection.

Key points examined

  • What are the risks we need to protect against?
  • How should the equipment be worn to ensure maximum protection?
  • How should the equipment be taken care of?
  • How can we check the equipment to make sure it is in good working condition?

Practical exercises

The training sessions involve practical exercises, designed to guarantee perfect mastery of the equipment and all the associated procedures.

Photo de formations réalisés par Balsan
The training courses are effective and well organised.
Julien, Safety Manager for a construction company
Photo de couture d'uniforme chez Balsan

Outsourcing the clothing function

The objective of outsourcing is to build a partnership designed to meet each of the needs expressed and facilitate the management of the equipment for the entire contract.

One-off or comprehensive outsourcing

  • Supply of complete collections (clothes and accessories)
  • Provision of catalogues
  • Extranet sites
  • Taking measurements
  • Made-to-measure clothes for “one-off” needs
  • Personalised, named packaging
  • Deliveries of collective or individual allocations
  • Training in the use of protective clothing
  • In-Service Support for PPE
  • Provision of recycling solutions

In France and internationally

Balsan’s teams can operate throughout France and in other countries, providing rigorous, effective support for the entire partnership.

Photo de couture d'uniforme chez Balsan
Balsan advises
and supports us from A to Z.
Céline, Purchasing Manager for a transport company.

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