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Personal Protective Equipment

Balsan designs and manufactures personal protective equipment (PPE). For almost 60 years, the company has developed its expertise in technical textiles and combining flexible materials to offer its customers the best security clothing and equipment.

Photo pompiers portant des uniformes de protection réalisés par Balsan

Protecting people at work

Each risk and work task has its own protective clothing. Using technical materials with specific properties (high visibility, resistant against fire, cold, acids, etc.) and specific manufacturing methods (folded, watertight or topstitched seams), these items protect people’s physical integrity at work and in dangerous or emergency situations.
With a range of over 800 technical products including category 1 to 3 PPE (mortal risk), Balsan is also capable of developing made-to-measure solutions to meet all specifications, from the simplest to the most exacting.

Workwear uniforms
Photo pompiers portant des uniformes de protection réalisés par Balsan

Equipment for all environments

Many products exist or can be developed to cope with numerous risks, either single or combined: electrical, thermal, climatic, mechanical, electrostatic, chemical risks, etc. All Balsan’s PPE strictly comply with the European or international standards in force.

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