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The uniform brand

Balsan is a leading player in the professional clothing market. Its mission is to provide a solution perfectly suited to each customer’s requirements in terms of image, ergonomics and functionality, whether for corporate clothing, uniforms or personal protective clothing.

Photo du bureau de style

Design, the genesis of the project

Everything begins with the design. Balsan has an in-house styling studio with experienced product managers and stylists. They follow and decode new trends to create modern clothing that meets the job requirements. When needed, the stylists make customer visits to make sure they fully understand the customer’s wishes and the challenges in terms of image and safety. Balsan then creates items and/or collections that reflect the company’s values and meet the specific technical and standard requirements identified.

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Photo du bureau d’études Design studio, Déols factory, France
Photo du bureau de style
Adapting the style to each customer is a continually fascinating challenge!
Sonia, member of the Styling Studio for 3 years.
Photo de l'étape de couture
Photo du bureau de style chez Balsan
Photo du bureau d'étude chez Balsan

The prototype and the uniform take shape

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    Photo du bureau d'étude chez Balsan

    The creation comes to life. Balsan’s design studio produces the patterns for the collection (representations of the front and back of the garment). The attention paid to this phase of research and development is crucial to the next stage of the project.
    The items take shape as their prototypes are produced. The prototypes help to make the collection seem real, as until then it has only been viewed via sketches or 3D visuals, and they also mean that wear tests can be carried out. The prototypes are reviewed and improved, if necessary, until the customer is fully satisfied.

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    Photo du bureau d'étude chez Balsan
    Photo du bureau d'étude chez Balsan
    Photo de l'étape de couture chez Balsan

    Production, a unique skill

    The dressmakers enter the scene. Once the prototypes have been approved, Balsan’s dressmakers reproduce the items identically following the rigorous specifications provided by the design studio. Invisible hems, inserting bias, simple or complex darts, buttonholes, etc. are some of the stages that pass through numerous expert hands. The items that leave our production lines therefore comply perfectly with the technical, ergonomic and comfort standards set out in the specifications.

    Our values
    Photo rapprochée sur la couture d'un détail avec une machine à couture Sewing details, Calais workshop, France
    Photo de l'étape de couture chez Balsan
    We check every
    to make sure that
    the clothes fit all body types.
    Jeanne, member of the production workshop for 11 years
    Photo d'une hôtesse d'accueil avec un uniforme confectionné par Balsan
    Photo en focus sur une machine à coudre Balsan

    R&D, key of the success

    the Research & Development department is made up of a team of engineers and technicians who are highly specialised in their respective fields. They are constantly exploring new innovations in order to meet the technical demands of today and tomorrow.

    The R&D department and the Design Department work hand in hand, every day :

    • to develop products that are rigorously adapted to the needs of every customer,
    • to explore new possibilities (new materials, new technologies, new production methods) that will allow innovative product solutions to be offered in the future.

    A constant technical and technological vigilance is provided to offer our customers the latest innovations.