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Balsan and Groupe Marck

Balsan & Marck are two companies that date back to the mid-19th century, rich in tradition and unique know-how. During the latter half of the 20th century, Marck became a group, Groupe Marck, although it has retained its family ownership and founding values. Balsan joined the Group in 2012 and is now one of its key components.

Photo de la phase de recherche de couleur et de tissu pour les uniformes de l'entreprise Balsan

Balsan, a traditional company

Balsan, a French clothing manufacturer, has supplied the French army since 1850. After inventing the “Horizon Blue” cloth in 1914, Balsan quickly became the leading manufacturer of major uniforms for government institutions (Saint-Cyr and Polytechnique military academies, the Republican Guard, etc.). Today, backed up by its four manufacturing workshops and the partner factories of its parent company Groupe Marck, Balsan designs and manufactures sized and made-to-measure identity clothing (corporate clothing, standardised personal protection clothing, uniforms) to its customers’ specifications.

Balsan’s products are complemented by a wide range of associated services, right up to the complete outsourcing of the clothing function.

Our skills
The Horizon Blue uniform
Photo de la phase de recherche de couleur et de tissu pour les uniformes de l'entreprise Balsan
  • 280 employees in France
  • 4 industrial sites
  • 1 in-house design studio
  • 1 in-house styling studio
Photo des ouvriers en pleine conception d'uniformes au sein de l'entreprise Balsan

Member of Groupe Marck

Groupe Marck is a French manufacturing group that designs and sells uniform, equipment and service solutions to private companies and public authorities in France and worldwide. It offers a comprehensive service that meets the requirements of a demanding and prestigious international clientele.
Over its 150-year history, the Group has acquired and developed expertise in technical textiles, combining flexible surfaces and selling associated services.
Groupe Marck has 6 specialised subsidiaries. Within this structure, the main subsidiary, Balsan, is entrusted with the major outsourcing operations for the clothing function.

The story since 1850...
Groupe Marck corporate video
  • Over 900 employees
  • 6 production sites and 3 logistics sites in France
  • 3 workshops in Tunisia
  • Over 20,000 items delivered annually
  • Storage capacity for 8 million items