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Production sites in France and abroad

As a clothing specialist & supplier to the French army since 1850, Balsan possesses and implements its own unique expertise. In the uniform and professional corporate clothing sectors, and in the personal protective clothing sector, Balsan can rely on highly qualified workshops, either directly owned or part of Groupe Marck.

Photo d’uniformes en sur-mesure en série confectionnés dans l’usine Balsan de Calais

Balsan Workshops, uniforms and image clothing

Balsan’s unique know-how comes to the fore in its French workshops. Its responsiveness to industry and compliance with quality standards are second to none.
Its advanced logistics organisation enables management of grouped deliveries and individual allocations, processing of exceptional orders and optimisation of stock checks.

Calais (Pas-de-Calais) - Mass produced made-to-measure

Since 1958, the Calais factory has set a benchmark. Organised into versatile autonomous groups, it specialises in mass produced made-to-measure uniforms, Balsan’s unique skill.

Déols (Indre) – Woven fabrics

The Déols factory near Châteauroux has been in existence since the last century, specialising in ceremonial uniforms and woven identity clothing.

Sainte-Pazanne (Loire-Atlantique) - Production of headgear

The Sainte-Pazanne production workshop has unique expertise in the manufacture of all types of headgear: kepis, caps, shakos, garrison caps…

Taninges (Haute-Savoie) – Small production runs of PPE

Established in Haute-Savoie in 1956, this integrated production unit meets small production needs. Specialising in the production of personal protection equipment and waterproof garments, the workshop also has an In-Service Support (ISS) unit.

Photo d’uniformes en sur-mesure en série confectionnés dans l’usine Balsan de Calais
  • 190,000 items per year
  • 100,000 hats per year
Photo d'une machine de confection des uniformes de l'entreprise Balsan
Photo d'un porte gants/Maglite/clés réalisé par un groupe partenaire à Baslan

The Group's workshops, protective clothing and accessories

Balsan also makes use of the Group’s factories to manufacture uniform accessories (trimmings, badges, etc.) and for small and large production runs of personal protective equipment (PPE).

La Chartre-sur-le-Loir (Sarthe) – Accessories and trimmings

Founded in 1848, this remarkable workshop specialises in the transformation and assembly of fabric or metallic threads (gold, silver, etc.) for weaving or braiding. It also specialises in manual and machine embroidery as well as a wide range of identity accessories.

Tunisia: Large production runs of PPE

Groupe Marck has its own manufacturing unit in Tunisia, which is also used by Balsan. The three Fasitex workshops specialise in technical protective and workwear items.

Photo d'un porte gants/Maglite/clés réalisé par un groupe partenaire à Baslan
  • 800 category 1 to 3 PPE products
  • 2,000,000 items per year
  • Over 1 million accessories
Photo de l'extérieur de l'usine BBA, partenaire de Balsan
Illustration de l'internationalisation de l'entreprise Balsan

International partners

The French industrial sites are complemented by partnerships with factories located in the Euromed zone, China and India, selected and audited according to very strict Quality and CSR criteria.

An efficient system

Thanks to the diversity of partnerships and regular work sent to the factories, Balsan can rapidly increase its production capacity while guaranteeing the best performance in terms of deadlines and quality.

Certified factories

The partnerships are long-lasting and all the factories are certified and regularly audited according to Balsan’s Quality Management System (SMQB).

Illustration de l'internationalisation de l'entreprise Balsan