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Quality and CSR: Balsan's commitments cover all areas

As a committed, responsible company, Balsan's key concerns are its customers, employees, civil society and the environment.
On a daily basis, this approach is based on the structural elements of the ISO 26000 standard and the major universal principles of Human Rights.
Through its parent company Groupe Marck, Balsan is a member of the "United Nations Global Compact", a key corporate commitment to comply with international standards on labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

Photo d'une ouvrière de l'entreprise Balsan découpant des fils

Corporate social responsibility

Balsan is committed to a global Corporate Social Responsibility approach ranging from involvement in sustainable development initiatives to practical action plans related to the operational conduct of the business.

Employee commitment

Balsan owes its strength to its employees and the synergy of their complementary skills, enabling it to offer the best products and the best services to its customers. Balsan fosters innovative professional careers, encouraging mobility, skills development, versatility and career advancement. The company implements safe working conditions that promote everyone’s personal development and fulfilment.

Social commitment

With establishments in several regions of France, Balsan invests in local and regional development. The company is a signatory of the youth membership charter, hosts interns from the “second chance school” (young people who have left the education system), and offers vocational training hours for public contracts. Through sponsorship, it also supports local, regional or national sports and/or charity actions.

Sustainable development

All Balsan’s actions and decisions regarding its suppliers, customers and employees are guided by a pro-active Sustainable Development approach. General implementation of the OEKO-TEX label, compliance with REACH legislation, promotion of partnerships with suppliers that have a similar approach, recycling chains for used textiles (100% safe collection, total recovery, transparency and traceability), reduction in energy consumption and waste production.


Balsan has introduced a set of rules and procedures that ensure compliance with the relevant standards, and the values and ethical thinking of its directors. A Business Ethics and Conduct Code sets out the principles that apply to the company; the anti-corruption policy is part of an absolute zero tolerance principle; a mutual Conduct Guide governs the principles of supplier relations, all in line with ethical rules, continuous improvement and sustainable development.

Photo d'une ouvrière de l'entreprise Balsan découpant des fils
Our policy is governed by the principle of continuous improvement and sustainable development.
Laurent Marck, CEO of Balsan
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Photo de la collecte des uniformes au sein de l'entreprise Balsan

Collection & recycling, at the heart of our approach

Balsan has set up recovery chains for end-of-life items and offers a fully secure integrated circuit, from collection to recycling. The used clothes and accessories are collected, transported and then recycled, following a 100% control / 100% secure / 100% traceable circuit.

Secure collection

Various collection methods are possible, depending on the items and requirements (containers, secure bags). The products are then taken to a central logistics platform. Thanks to a closed circuit, with no manual sorting or middlemen, the clothes cannot be reused and Balsan can guarantee that 100% of the collected waste is recycled.

Recycling & recovery

The used textiles and accessories are crushed and mixed with other materials to transform them into solid granules with a high calorific value (CSR HPC). These granules are then used by cement works as fuel for their furnaces, reducing the consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels such as carbon or fuel oil.

Transparency & traceability

Balsan is committed to transparency. A CERFA 14133*01 tracking note is included with every consignment transported. At the end of the cycle, a recovery certificate is issued to certify 100% treatment of the collected waste.

Our recycling partner

Balsan has chosen a partner at the cutting edge of environmental technologies: Vanheede Environment, an independent Belgian family group that has specialised in recovering waste for nearly 50 years, transforming it into new raw materials and energy.

Photo de la collecte des uniformes au sein de l'entreprise Balsan
Balsan thinks about what happens to the product before and after.
Martine, Marketing Manager for an airline company
Photo de la collecte des uniformes au sein de l'entreprise Balsan
Photo d'une employée réalisant un contrôle qualité d'un produit Balsan terminé

Quality Control

Balsan’s desire to adopt a quality-orientated approach is a direct expression of its search for continuous improvement of its processes, in order to deliver the very best products and services to its customers.

Managing industrial know-how

Balsan manages all the relevant patterns and methodology internally, both in its own factories and in its partner workshops.
The use of the Lectra System to tackle the various issues involved in corporate uniforms, workwear and personal protection clothing, helps to optimise automated cutting and positioning units. Finally, Balsan is absolutely rigorous in its management of technical files, patterns, traceability and strict monitoring of orders/launches, wherever production takes place.

In-house design studios

The Balsan Design Studios located in its French factories are experts in weaving and knitting for professional use. Prior to manufacture, they design and develop the clothing, set measurement and structure benchmarks, draw up technical sheets and establish complete nomenclatures for each item of clothing.

Systematic control process

A systematic control process is in place throughout the manufacturing chain, from checking batches of raw materials on receipt, to analysis of lead series, control of products in process and control of finished products prior to dispatch. At the same time, a team of internal controllers specialising in clothing checks the products at every stage of manufacture, at the various production sites. Using an internal laboratory means that the key characteristics of the textiles can be controlled at any time. Independent laboratories are used for more specific testing.


The Quality System at Balsan is governed by ISO 9002; the whole of the Personal Protective Equipment section is certified ASQUAL version 11B. Finally, our factories in Taninges and Tunisia (Fasitex) are GORE certified.

Photo d'une employée réalisant un contrôle qualité d'un produit Balsan terminé
Our clothing is constantly monitored.
Claire, Purchasing Manager for a Service company